Thursday, January 9, 2014

More to life

I think this blog is more therapy for more than for anyone else. I mean if you are reading this great!  If not maybe I need to get this blog from under wraps and share it with others. Im not sure really whats on my mind today. Im kinda just free writing you know? I really want to thank God for my husband.  He really stands behind me no matter what.  Even in my mess he got my back. Not that he doesnt let me know when I am wrong but he's got me you know?  Sometimes in my own utopia I wish that we could not work, raise our kids and live our dreams. We sort of have a vehicle to that but its putting it together that has been the damnest thing.  It seems as though we cant get our business off the ground.  Once we do, I know that we can live the dream of ours that we see others talking about on that stage. This day to day hum drum cant be all their is to life. Here are my dreams, and Im posting them because God says to write the vision and make it plain:

I love my career!...but I'd love to be at home raising my 2 year old more and watching my 13 year old blossom into a young woman.
I live in a $200K home but Id love for my husband and I to own it together and not me and my parents, but it is still a blessing.
Id love to wake up next to my husband, ask him what do you want to do today and be able to fulfill that and not wonder how many bills will be neglected if we did.

There has to be more to life!

Be blessed.

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