Friday, January 31, 2014

How are we doing?

Above are my loves! <3

We are doing way better. We had a little snafu this week but overall my marriage is getting better. I love that man! We went to dinner last week with some "married" friends and it was fun, fun. I like hanging with other married because they know what its like to fall down in a marriage and get back up loving even harder.  They dont shun you like "some" single people may do. The hardest part is learning to totally trust and see that your spouse has your best interest in mind. We are going through some troubling times, financially and situationally (not marriage related) and so we are trusting God and knowing that we will come out victorious.

Remaining hopeful is hard when the odds seem to be stacked against you but you gotta TRUST him. Believe me, Im talking to myself. Even though it was bleak for others you have to realize that you are different and that your situation will turn out different. Pray and dont worry. God's got it.

Pray for us as we pray for you!!

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