Friday, January 24, 2014

Follow Through Friday

Hi! Ive been exercising my butt off this week.  I work out Mon-Fri from 6p-7p and Saturday mornings at 9am. When I weighed myself, I was up 1.8lbs.  I was kinda disappointed but kinda OK with it too because last weekend while at Cheer competition in Texas I went to Pappadeaux's. It was awesome.  We dont have that hear in Mississippi so I ate it, all of it, plus a hand crafted lemonade!

My goals this week:

-keep God first with prayer
-train harder (give more of my all in my exercise classes, pushing through the burn. Thinking of adding an extra 30 mins on Friday)
-eat cleaner (no fast food, even if it is a kids meal)
-continue to drink only water
-lose 2lbs by next friday

Ive been following #fitsperation and #transformationfitnation on Instagram because I need the motivation some times and it lets me know that if I keep going I too can be a before and after.

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