Friday, January 17, 2014

Follow through Friday

Hey all!! This week has been easier because I'm getting in the groove of things health wise and marriage wise. So this week I've been doing high cardio, weights and resistance training at Jaylo fitness here in Olive Branch, MS. I love it because it's fun! So here's what I been doing:

I started at apprx 227lbs, and I weighed in today at 219lbs.
-only drinking water, or Advocare Spark for additional energy
-eat on small plates
-nothing fried
-veggie with every meal
-lean meats only
-tracking everything I eat!

I think the water is what is helping the most because I wasn't drinking a whole lot of it!! Now I crave it.

Goal this weekend! Stay on track! My daughter is a competitive cheer leader and we are on our way to Fort Worth, TX. Usually when I go out of town I mess up!! Not this weekend. Already started oatmeal from mcdonalds!

Have a great day peeps!

This was last year but I plan to surpass this, this year! 2014 boom!


  1. Super great week! You are looking fabulous! Thanks so much for linking up with us and sharing your progress!

    1. Thanks a lot! A work in progress:) follow through Friday is really motivating!

  2. Wow, great job on the weight loss so far! What a small world! I'm a nanny and the girl that I work with will be at the same tournament in FW, TX this month. :) Good luck to your daughter. Check out the Stockyards if you have time, it's a lot of fun. My blog is brand new, stop by and check it out when you can!