Friday, January 10, 2014

Follow through Friday

So I am following fabchickgetsfit and she is having follow through friday.  Its about following through on your goals, more specifically fitness and not marriage so I will talk about that for a little. Before I do that, remember to keep asking God to strengthen you in your marriage and if you can, go out with your spouse some time this weekend. If you cant do that, then at least buy them one of their favorite things, even if it is small. My husband loves Reese cups so he always feels loved when I bring him one home <3.

So this week I have kept to my goals, (pretty much). Here are my changes:
-I only drink water or Advocare spark which is all of 45 calories
-I cook everything baked, or grilled (one slip up at one meal, had Chili's chicken crispers)
-I have taken all of my supplements
-I have had no candy (for sweetness I have a chocolate rice cake)
-my snacks have been fruit, yogurt, or popcorn
-I have worked out every single day @ Jaylo Fitness (these trainers are amazing!)

My goals are for month to month. 30 days.  After that I continue another 30 days.  I dont like to make huge big out of reach goals, because I tend to fail.  We learned at church that our goals need to be 30 days, it helps to keep us accountable in all areas, not just weight loss. Go check it out:

Be blessed y'all.


  1. Wow no sweets!?!? Thats amazing. That is always my slip up!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Camo & Lipstick

  2. Amazing job on those goals! And thanks for linking up :)