Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rings & things

So today is the first day since I can remember (probably June) that I have worn my wedding ring in public. When I say that I was finished with this relationship, I thought I meant it so I stopped wearing it. Well I missed wearing it. I love the accountability that my ring holds. It says "I'm his wife". I love my ring. No it isn't the biggest, platinum, tear dropped shaped diamond but it's beautiful and it's what my husband wanted me to have. 

Marriage isn't about changing your spouse, it's about changing you and accepting them. It's about seeing them through the eyes of Jesus. I often thought if only he would listen or do this and that I could love him more but that isn't true. In marriage, God has called a man to love and a woman to respect and honor. So when your thinking about how you can get him/her to change remember, let them be and see them through the eyes of God.

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