Thursday, January 19, 2017


We are back here again. This time Im going through with it. I feel terrible. Its what I want but why do I feel terrible. I have good and bad days. I dont want to work it out. I want my life back. Why am I divorcing??? Because I am not happy, Im not faithful, we have no connection. We are going through the motions. I need more. But again I feel terrible. I dont want to hurt him but am I hurting myself?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where have I been and where are we going?

Hi all! I have been missing in action for sure.  I have not been on the blog much lately because simply sometimes I forget about it.  I do love reading the other posts but I guess with work, school, gym, kids and marriage....its been a hectic life.

Our marriage is doing better but always a work in progress. Marriage is hard work but it is beautiful when God is involved.  We are working towards that beautiful.  We are also working towards another kid but its been hard with the lack of intimacy so we are working on that. Sometimes when you have a rift in your marriage you simply dont want to have sex, well at least thats how it is for me.  Sex is awesome but when you have the weight of the world weighing you down, you get side tracked. 

God is awesome.  Im still praying for an issue to be resolved and God to shine through, so keep me lifted in prayer and Im praying for you too.

Peace, love and blessings!


Friday, February 14, 2014

Follow through Friday

This week I dont think I did as well. I stayed pretty much the same in weight. Im still down approximately 12 lbs. I wasnt able to workout in my classes this week because they were constantly being cancelled due to the weather:-(. I only went to two group classes this week and I usually go to 5. I did work out on the machines a day or two but for me, its just not the same. I hate the machines because they are STATIC, meaning they only move in one direct and you have to stay on them a long time to burn a substantial amount of calories. I also didnt drink as much water as usual and found myself drinking a glass of sweet tea and lemonade that my husband made.  To top all of that off I had Lenny's for dinner one day! That is a sub shop here and they have great sandwiches but im sure that isnt good for my bottom line. SO this weeks goals are:

1. Workout all 5 days even if the weather is crappy!

2. Meal plan on Monday for the entire week since I'm off for Presidents day

3. Continue to weigh on Fridays only

4. Lose 10 more lbs by Feb 28

5. Take all supplements, MNS, Thermoplus, Catalyst

6. Remember every step counts!!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Follow through Friday

This week Ive continued following what Ive been normally doing. Ive been working out 5 days a week, and eating less calories and more filling calories. I started this journey Jan 5 at 225.8 and when I weighed today I was 214.7. I am excited for me and even though the changes are small, I see them. I am going to a cheer competition this weekend with my daughter so pray that I make good choices! Thats a hard thing for me when Im out of town with no kitchen.  I have to rely on restaurants and I hate that!!

Hoping you guys did well too!!

Friday, January 31, 2014

How are we doing?

Above are my loves! <3

We are doing way better. We had a little snafu this week but overall my marriage is getting better. I love that man! We went to dinner last week with some "married" friends and it was fun, fun. I like hanging with other married because they know what its like to fall down in a marriage and get back up loving even harder.  They dont shun you like "some" single people may do. The hardest part is learning to totally trust and see that your spouse has your best interest in mind. We are going through some troubling times, financially and situationally (not marriage related) and so we are trusting God and knowing that we will come out victorious.

Remaining hopeful is hard when the odds seem to be stacked against you but you gotta TRUST him. Believe me, Im talking to myself. Even though it was bleak for others you have to realize that you are different and that your situation will turn out different. Pray and dont worry. God's got it.

Pray for us as we pray for you!!

Follow through Friday

So I must be really dumb because I dont know how to put that pic thingy in my blog this week?? How do you do it??

Actually follow through Friday helps me to remember to post to my blog.  This week, I think Ive done pretty good.
Monday through Friday I take a high cardio class for an hour.  I burn almost 1000 calories.  I have also been walking over 10,000 steps a day.  I so look forward to Fridays because I dont have to workout!! Its a rest day for me. As far as my eating, Ive been trying to eat as clean as possible with a few high sodium Lean Cuisines thrown in for lunch (insert sad face).  I have to do better on lunch preparation!  I eat a lot of fish, vegetables (broccoli, green beans, asparagus) and for a starch I usually have a baked potato. I started this month out at 224, and earlier this week (I cheated and weighed) I was down about 6lbs. Im hoping on official weigh day which is always Sundays for me, I am really down even more. I have my cheat meal or drink but not both usually on sat or sunday. Im addicted to ice coffee and frappucinno (spelled wrong) but we all know those are high in calories. Overall Im feeling great because I am being consistent finally.  I will be 40 this year and I want to be BAD on my birthday Dec. 27, 2014!!!

Love you all, inspiring myself daily!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Follow Through Friday

Hi! Ive been exercising my butt off this week.  I work out Mon-Fri from 6p-7p and Saturday mornings at 9am. When I weighed myself, I was up 1.8lbs.  I was kinda disappointed but kinda OK with it too because last weekend while at Cheer competition in Texas I went to Pappadeaux's. It was awesome.  We dont have that hear in Mississippi so I ate it, all of it, plus a hand crafted lemonade!

My goals this week:

-keep God first with prayer
-train harder (give more of my all in my exercise classes, pushing through the burn. Thinking of adding an extra 30 mins on Friday)
-eat cleaner (no fast food, even if it is a kids meal)
-continue to drink only water
-lose 2lbs by next friday

Ive been following #fitsperation and #transformationfitnation on Instagram because I need the motivation some times and it lets me know that if I keep going I too can be a before and after.